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To become ECFMG certified requires that all potential residency candidates pass the required board examinations. Just passing your exams is not enough to successfully get into residency; that’s the bare minimum. Candidates that have US clinical experience have a far greater opportunity to successfully get into residency than those without clinical experience. There are several reasons for this, including:

/ Residency Program Directors want to see Letters of Recommendation from US physicians that have seen you work. You may have great letters from physicians in your home country, but they are of limited value compared to US recommendations. Getting US clinical experience gives you an opportunity to audition and interact with US physicians. If they like you, they can help you to get interviewed for residency by their colleagues. Getting an interview for residency can depend greatly on whom you know and who knows you.

You may be a good clinician, but medicine is practiced differently in the US. These rotations give you a chance to gain confidence and understand the US health care system. Only about 45% of international medical graduates get into residency each year. The number is much lower for candidates without US clinical experience.

Over last 12 years at NCIME, we have observed the difficulties IMG have in attaining Hands on Clinical Experience in the United States. Most teaching hospitals do not provide electives to medical graduates and they have no other way in gaining hands-on clinical experience. While at the same time, it is almost impossible to get into US residency program without hands-on clinical experience or long term clinical research. The second problem all IMG face is the limited duration for which they are allowed to stay in the United States on visitor visa to find get enough clinical experience, earn letter of recommendation, apply for the get acquainted to US healthcare system. Therefore, at NCIME we found the solution to make sure that IMG’s are well prepared for the USMLE, get sufficient clinical experience during USMLE Board preparation, and earn valuable letter of recommendations without losing time or struggle finding clerkships.

Hence, The National Center for International Medical Education, NCIME had partnered with Kaplan Medical to offer USMLE board review and clinical clerkships with F-1 visa sponsorship in all major cities in the United States. This opportunity provided IMG’s opportunity to come to the United States on Student visa and complete their USMLE board preparation and complete clinical clerkships at the same time.

/Once your application is approved, your packages include: A student visa, for up to 12 months in the US ( can be extended to 2 year and 4 months) Up to 12 months of Kaplan Center prep for your choice of USMLE examinations.
3 to 6 months of hands on clinicals; both inpatient and outpatient; in primary care to surgical specialties
Workshops on getting into residency, personal statement writing and curriculum vitae preparation