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Residency Workshops

The NCIME Getting Into Residency Workshop provides those maneuvering throughout the medical education process with information about gaining access to the US medical system. The workshop includes an Informational Seminar, Q&A Sessions with Residency Directors, Coordinators, and Residents, Mock Interviews, and More.

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What our students have to say about us:

I have REALLY enjoyed the Grand Rounds experience. The cases have been stimulating to allow to think as physicians and be guided by real physicians as we go through thought processes trying to determine what is going on with the patients.
I thought both presentations so far worked very well. Both doctors were of course knowledgeable in their case but also presented them well. The only issue I saw was that this last presentation was slightly too technical for most of us.
I thought the first two Grand Rounds were awesome! Dr. Bennett was very captivating, a great teacher and a great physician
Very enjoyable so far. They help to get us out of the mind frame of a student and more into the mind frame of a clinician..

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