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The National Center of International Medical Education helps 5th semester medical students transition from basic science to clinical medicine. Giving them a clear understanding of what it means to be a physician, in addition to preparing them for Step 1 the overall goal is to improve the thought process associated with health care delivery by making it more effective and efficient. There are several components of the program that will accomplish our mission of preparing students to practice medicine. We are a clinical rotations entity; we acknowledge the fact that clinical experience is a critical component of the medical educational experience. Students will rotate with Attending Physicians in alternating weeks to observe and have hands on participation in the practice of medicine. Dr. Cecil Bennett requires, that each student maximize the value of this opportunity by taking advantage of the resources, physicians, and learning opportunities offered through the clinical experience provided.

USMLE Test Prep

To accompany the clinical rotations, there is a series of didactic lectures on relevant clinical topics that students attend in alternative clinical weeks. These topics are for USMLE Step 1 preparation and include a wide range of major disease processes students will need throughout their career. The mornings are dedicated to basic science review and the afternoons to case presentation and lecture on the presented case. Utilizing several components, students will demonstrate their intellectual and practical growth. These components include quizzes, exams, presentation of a patient case and a comprehensive portfolio of S.O.A.P. notes taken by the student during the rotation. Contact us for more information.